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Ireland's biodiversity action plan must become a biodiversity impact plan

In May 2019, the Dáil declared a climate and biodiversity emergency. But we still lack the urgency and commitment needed to resolve the crisis.


Although public awareness of biodiversity has increased, and cross-sectoral engagement in biodiversity action has improved, the status of biodiversity in protected areas, seas and the wider countryside is in poor condition and continues to decline.

This commentary, from members of the National Biodiversity Forum, audits the Interim Review of Ireland's National Biodiversity Action Plan, which expires in 2021. We provide an update on progress and call for the next Plan to deliver real conservation gains at the scale needed to halt and reverse biodiversity loss in Ireland. 

We provide five headline recommendations for Minister Malcolm Noonan, and analyse key issues in detail.


Explore the recommendations by clicking on the links below.


Improve governance & stewardship of biodiversity


Finance the Plan and prioritise actions


Protect, recover and renew biodiversity and ecosystems


Build, connect and use the biodiversity knowledge base


Engage communities and the private sector 

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